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Telework Week 2013

Thank you to our Telework Champions for pledging to telework during Telework Week.

Collectively, more than 136,000 pledges saved $12.2 million in commuting costs in just one week.

Telework Week Support:

“Telework Week is an opportunity for Federal agencies to ensure their IT infrastructures can support a remote workforce in the event of an emergency.  The exercise helps agencies uncover performance hiccups well in advance to ensure that in the event of a natural or man-made disaster, the government can continue to function as close to full capacity as possible.”
– Congressman Gerry Connolly (D-VA)

"Telework increases employee productivity, reduces traffic congestion, and improves business continuity through incentivizing flexible work arrangements.  By participating in Telework Week, individuals and organizations have the opportunity to stress test systems to ensure that in the event of an emergency or inclement weather, operations can continue."
– Congressman Rob Wittman (R-VA)

"Telework Week is an excellent opportunity for thousands of people to try teleworking and realize the great benefits it can provide. A robust telework program can help organizations improve the quality of life of their employees, while also taking strides to protect the environment, reduce traffic congestion on the roads, and increase workplace efficiency."
Congressman John Sarbanes (D-MD), author of the Telework Enhancement Act of 2010

“Telework has the potential to reduce traffic congestion while saving commuters time and money – ultimately improving the quality of life for Virginians. Programs like Telework Week demonstrate that individuals and organizations alike can make a difference, especially in areas with some of the worst traffic congestion in the country.”
- Delegate Rich Anderson, 51st House District, Virginia General Assembly

"The Department of Agriculture (USDA) had 7,516 employees teleworking during Telework Week 2012, amounting to more than $1 million saved in commuting costs. USDA has high goals for widespread telework adoption and this initiative gave many employees from smaller agencies and sub-organizations the opportunity to telework, even if they do not regularly do so. We pledge to once again support Telework Week and hope to exponentially increase our participation this year.”
- Oscar Gonzales, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Administration, USDA 

Telework Week supports Gov. Bob McDonnell’s Government Reform and Restructuring Commission’s recommendations that state government support telework to increase employee productivity and engagement, and reduce traffic and wear and tear on public transportation. Read more.

Organizations | Individuals


AgilQuest Corporation OHRM
Arizona Housing Alliance RD
Bethesda Transportation Solutions Risk Management Agency
Better Collaboration Rural Development
Boiron Social Media Club
CDC State of Missouri
Center for Innovative Technology State of Virginia
Chesterfield Mental Health Support Services Swipp
CISCO Teracore
Cisco Systems Teton County Weed & Pest District
Cisco WebEx TouchdownSpace, Inc.
Compensation Board U.S. Coast Guard FORCECOM Exercise Support Division
Defense Commissary Agency U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 7
Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Department of Commerce US Department Of Education
Department of Health and Human Services US Dept of Agriculture
Department of Homeland Security US Forest Service
Department of Labor US Forest Service - Eastern Region HR Service Team
Department of Labor & Industry US Forest Service - Lake States Acquisition Team
Dept of VA US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Deputy Chief Information Officer USCIS/OIDP
DLA Information Operations San Joaquin USDA DM
Dulles Area Transportation Association USDA Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services USDA Forest Service
Examining System Section USDA NRCS
Expresspark, Inc. and Smart Park, Inc. USDA Rural Development
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation USDA, APHIS, IES, NE Area
Federal Emergency Management Agency USDA, FAS
Federal Student Aid USDA-APHIS-AC
FEMA Region IV USDA-Rural Development
FEMA Region VIII USDA/Forest Service
Food and Drug Administration USDA/FSIS/OCIO
Food Safety and Inspection Service USDA/RD/OM/CIO
Forest Service VA Department of Education
Forest Swevixw VA Department of Health
FSA VA Dept for Aging and Rehabilitative Services
HOMELAND SECURITY VA Dept for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest VA Dept of Housing & Community Development
Institute of Museum and Library Services VA Dept. for Blind & Vision Impaired
KBZ VA Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center
McClure Consulting VABoard for People Disability
Millennium Challenge Corporation Vanessa Felder-Pinkney
MRP Virginia Department of Emergency Management Virginia Department of Transportation
MVTV Wireless Virginia Dept. of Soc. Services
NASA Virginia Information Technologies Agency
National Institutes of Health Virginia Motor Vehicle Dealer Board
National Integration Center Virginia Port Authority
National Science Foundation Virginia Rehabilitation Center for the Blind and Vision Impaired
NIEHS Virtual Vocations Inc.
OCIO-ITS WindRose Media
Office of the Special Trustee for American Indians, Office of Trust Records Zoom Remote Professionals


saundra a Rolando Gonzalez Tom Okawara
Linda Aase Nixon Gonzalez William Oldland
Scotty Abbott Lilyan Gonzalez Lara Oles
Naser Abdelmajid Angel Gonzalez-Trapaga Sara Olin
Irfan Abid Danielle Gooch Debra Oliver
Melissa Abna Patricia Goodall Leman Oliveros
Mo Abouahmed April Gooding Joi Lin Olsen
Leonard Abram Gregg Goodman Gwen Olson
Desiree Abrams Nate Goodrich Cassandra Olson
Antoine Acevedo Stephen Goodwin Emmanuel Olufotebi
Ken Ackerman RM GOODWIN Rego Omerigic
Mary Ackley Nate Goodwyn Toris ONeal
Jose Acosta Rodney Gordon Tolu Onireti
Brice Acosta Shantelle Gordon Felix Opara
adrie acosta Eric Gorinson JoAnn Oram
Leigh Ann Acree Beverly Gorrell Rachael Orejana
Kathleen Adam Juliana Goschy Jose R. Ortega
Kristina Adams Denise Goss David Orthner
Carl Adams Karen Goss Cynthia Ortiz
Halle Adams Heather Gossel Angel Ortiz
Kimberly Adams Kirk Gottschalk Carmen Ortiz
Robert Adams Markeshia Gould Anthony Ortiz
Larry Adams Teresa Gould Cheryll Osborne
Gwendolyn Adams Tim Grace Andrew Osborne
ALECIA ADAMS Janet Gradwell-Lewis Karen Osborne
Michelle Adams Smith Glenn Gragg Cari Ostberg
Angela Addo Samuel Graham Rhonda L. Ostwald
Debbie Adkins Willie Graham Israel Otero
Meghan Adler Ann Graham Kimberlynn Outman
Alan Adrian MAKEBA GRAHAM Jan Overton
kaushik adya Angelika Grammer Julie Anne OVerton
Suzette Agans Wendy Grande Michele Owens
Faiz Agarib Margaret Grandison LISA OWENS
Marian Agars Fred Granja Nia Owens
Carolyn Agrifoglio Dennis Gransbery REDA OWENS
Catherine Aguilar Tonya Grant Dawn Owens
VAQAR AHMED Evon Grant Kristina Owens
Suraj Ahuja Carolyn Grant Debra Owens-Coleman
Sandra Aiken Donald Grant Catherine Owings
Janice Akers Michael Grant Clinton Oxenrider
Kristi Akers Paul Grasewicz Clinton Oxenrider Jr
Natalie Akers SHEILA GRASS Ajeev P.K
Cynthia Alamia Maria Graves Evan Pace
Jessica Alberts Roslyn Gray Marilyn Pace
Jason Albright Thevee Gray Heidi Pacheco
Tim Albritton Rochelle Gray Jacqueline Pacheco
Sandra Alden Kathryn Gray Kenna Pacheco
Linda Aldridge Trinita Gray David Pacheco
Vilma Alejandro rhonda gray Ana Padilla
Pamela Alesky Twalla Gray Amy Padilla
Elise Alexander Stacey Gray Jacqueline Padron
P.V Alexander TIFFANY GRAY Jannette Pagan
Tamara Alexander Judi Graziano Ronald Pagani, Jr.
Dale Alford lisa green Christopher Page
Kate Alie Fredrick Green Wendy Pagot
Jimmy Alignay Jeffery Green Sonji Paige
LaVerna Allen Vanessa Green Marty Palka
Ashanti Allen Kathy Green Cheryl Pallas
Sarah Allen ANCIL GREEN Brent Palmer
Cheri Allen Cathy Greene Lillian Palmer
Barbara Allen Paula Greene Gina Palmer
Robert Allen Lucille Greene Adam Palmer
Chandra Allred Donna Greene James Pantoni
Edwin Almodovar Sherina Greene Tara Papineau
Luis Alonso Andrew Greenfield Kimberly Parente
Janice Alphin Angela Greenidge Em Parente
Kimberly Alspach Michael Greenlee Angela PArham
Monique Alston Dean Greenwalt Delila Parham
Almeater Alston Ronna Greer Anita Parisot
Marquietta Alston Bernadette Gregor Sandra Park
Desiree Altemus Donna Gregory Elizabeth Parker
ANA ALVARADO Michelle Gribble Dianna Parker
Clara Alvarado Brian Griffin Sedoria Parker
Alejandro Alvarado Robbin Griffin Randall Parker
Sharyn Alvarez Mike Griffin Michele Parker
Ann Alvey Vivian Griffith Breanne Parker
Hossein Amini Christine Griffith Alonzo Parker
Alison Amor Gabriele Griffiths Cheryl Parker
Cheryl Amos Karen Grigsby Melody Parker
Daphne Anamateros Corinne Grim Kathleen Parker
MURTHY ANDAVOLU Terren Grimble Charlene Parker
Linda Anders Toni Grimes Chad Parker
Tracy Anderson Scott Grimes Shelly Parker
Candy Anderson Tiffanie Grooms Sharon Parker
Taelor Anderson Jeannette Gross Debbie Parker
Betty Anderson Chris Gross Deborah Parker
Amy Anderson Ira Grossman Charles Parker Jr
Michael Anderson Greg Grover Doan Parker-Wilkins
Aileen Anderson Susan Grover Joi Parks
Christa Anderson Brittany Grubb David Parr
Karen Anderson Leslie Grussing Angela Parrish
Erik Anderson Tayrn Gude Gail Parrish
Wanda Anderson Briana Guenther Leisyka Parrott
Alison Anderson Sinceri Guerrero Falguni patel
Ronald Anderson Nancy Guerrero Naran Patel
Kathy Anderson Zulema Guevara DERRICK PATILLO
Sheila Anderson Heidi Guffey Kera Patrick
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Patricia Anderson Soucek Barbara Gulick Kevin Patterson
Jennifer Anderson-Cruz rona gully Stacie Patterson
Taff Andrews FELICIA GULLY Robert Pattison
Kathy Andrews Amy Gunbu Gabriel Patton
Nelson Andrews Dawn Gundersen-Rindal Jennifer Paul
MICHAEL ANDREWS Christine Gunterman Patricia Paul
Christina Angel Rahul Gupta Natalie Paul
Catherine Angotti Sachin Gupta Sharon Paul
Keith Anna Elizabeth Gurklies Kathy Paulin
Niccole Anselm Patricia M Gurule Sidney Paulson
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Arlene Ashton Wendy Hall Susmita Pendurthi
Katherine Asmussen SHIRLEY HALL Polly Penhale
Aline Assad Heather Hall Sastry Penumarthy
Lydia ASTORGA Shirley Hall Cassandra Peoples
LaWanda Asuquo Courter Hall daren Pepe
Amy Atallah Christina Hall Melissa Perdue
Louanne Atherley Jodi Hallstrom Shaina Pereira
Anita Atkins Lisa Halop Charles Perenick
Tammy Atkins Dawn Halvorson Susan Perez
David Atkins Elizabeth Halweg David Perez
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Lori Aycock Sandra Hammond Mavis Perry
Wesley Azama JOANN HAMPTON Shannon Persetic
Sally Bacon Cathy Hance Anthony Pesini
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Laurie Baier Janis Hancock Mark Peters
Peggy Baier Amanda Hancock Brandi Peters
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Courtney Bailey Tina Hanes Kraig Peterson
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Richard A Brown Jr James Jackson Karl Rusch
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Wanda Bryant Angele James Roberta Saah
Jacquelyn Bryant Patricia James STEPH SAAVGE
Larissa Bryant Timothy James Chantel Sabus
Sandra Bryant Gilbert James Jennifer Sacks
CONNIE BRYANT Kathleenq James Danny Sadler
Bunnie Bryce Cassandria James-Cole Sandra Sadler
BUNNIE BRYCE Karen James-Preston Juan Saienni
Philip Buchan Darrell Janes Deep Saini
Ellen Buchanan Sequana Janifer Shirley Sakos
Stephanie Buchanan Ritaq Jankovich Monique Salahuddin
Cynthia Buck-Thompson Nicholle Jaquith Rosemary Salazar
Ellen Buckley Bhavesh Jardosh ELIZABETH SALDANA-ESPINAL
Joanne Buckmaster E Carlton Jarratt Jr. Ester Salinas
Larry Budd Katherine Jarred Holly Salloum
Christopher Budig Terrie Jarrell Cassandra Salmond
Lara Budraski Lynn Jarrell RICHARD SALO
Meagan Buehler Nicole Jarvis Judith Sams
Tedd Buelow Patricia Jarvis Chuak Sams
Anita Bueno Jaime Jasmine Beverly Samuel
Michael Buethe Chalonda Jasper Greta Samuel
Linda Buettner Dieunal Jean-Francois Paul Sanchez
Phyllis Buettner Varouj John Jebian RAFAEL SANCHEZ MELO
Monica Bufford Raphael Jefferson Becxi Sanchez-Bonilla
belinda bugett Portia Jelinek Maria Sandberg
Wendy Bugtai Nekedra Jemerson Shanda Sander
Shenita Buie KuoPin Jen shakema sanders
Sarah Buikema Anthony Jenkins Tamara Sanders
David Buland Gary Jenkins Stacey Sanders
Darla Bullard Susan Jenkins Lisa Sandoval
Abdulaziz Bulling Rhonda Jenkins Ronald Sands
Chad Bullock Juntyna Jenkins Sheila Sandusky
EDWARD BULLOCK Donna Jenkins Moira Sanford
Leon Bunce Shirley Jenkins-Boyd Adalberto Santana
Robert Bunch Laminka Jennings Thomas Santangelo
deborah bundy-carpener Marlene Jensen Brenda Santelman
Matt Bunger Sindra Jensen David Santelman
Jeana Bunn-Hector alberto jerardo Albert Santiago
Robin Buonamici Jennifer Jessup Mary Santonastasso
Adrienne Burch Brendon Jewell Carlos Santoyo
Jamie Burdette Angela Jewell Janelle Sapantay
Mary Buresh Thomas Jirgensohn Lesley Sapper
Brianne Burger Richard Jiron Shannon Sarbo
Kathleen Burgess Karole Johns Don Sargent
Annette Burgess Robin Johns Ama Sarkodee
Lizzette Burgos Joy Johnson Jeannia Satcher
Tamara Burke Brenda Johnson Sharon Satre
Antonio Burkett Curtis Johnson Robert Satterfield
Leslie Burks Gloria Johnson Neil Sattler
Jared Burnett Nichole Johnson Connie Saulka
Beverly Burnett Warren Johnson Aleseia Saunders
LaWanda Burnette Gwendolyn Johnson STEPH SAVAGE
casey burns Mike Johnson Kevin Savage
Tee Burr James Johnson Melissa Savilonis
Robert Burris Michelle Johnson Joan Sawicki
Brandi Burwell Kimberly Johnson Chirag Saxena
EDWARD BUSH Carol Johnson Shirley Saxton
Duane Bushway Mary Johnson Anthony Scardina
Laura Bustamante Jonava Johnson Janice Schechter
Debra Buster Cheryl Johnson Joseph Schein
Janel A Butler Tyrina Johnson Cecilia Schelper
Felecia Butler Kathi Johnson Melisse Schilling
Kim Butler Kavin Johnson Susan Schilling
Steven Butler Dianne Johnson Brock Schimke
Malia Butler Tanya Johnson LAURA SCHLOTE
Bridget Butler PERRI JOHNSON Josh Schlueter
Patricia Butler Christina Johnson Summer Schluter
Pat Butler Susanne Johnson Robert Schmal
Grant Butler Paul Johnson Bernard Schmelz
Charles Butler Jr Beverly E. Johnson John Schmidt
Sedrick Buxton Ollie Johnson Julaine Schmidt
Michelle Buzalsky Daniel Johnson Audi Schmidt
Rashad Byers Tonya Johnson Anne Schmidt
Conny Byler Monica Johnson Kelli Schmidt
leslie byrd AIDA JOHNSON KEMP Catherine Schmitz
CARMEN-MARIE BYRD Sundii Johnson Phillips Ryan Schneider
Mary Byrd Rhonda Johnson-Leaf Barry Schneider
Andrzej Bytnerowicz Hilret Johnson-Passmore nick schneider
Dana Cabral Anna Johnson-Yeargins Tammi Schone
Rebecca Cabral Frederic Johnston DAWN SCHOPPERT
Julia Cabrera-Woscek Donna Johnston Katherine Schor
Vince Cacanindin Christine Johnstone Robert Schott
Thomas Caddoo Jocelyn Jolley Todd Schroeder
Rennae Cager Sharon R Jones Jeffery Schroer
Susan Caggiano Debra Jones Lori Schroyer
Patrick Callaghan Charlotte Jones Kristen Schubert
Audrey Callen christy jones Diane Schuble
Linda Callery KAREN JONES Pattie Schulke
Veronica Calvo Bobbie Jones Jan Schultz
Frank Camarillo Parmecia Jones Brandan Schulze
Mary Campanola Janet Jones Teresa Schwartz
Sharon Campbell Dawn Jones Maria Schwartz
David Campbell carol jones Sheri Schwickerath
Diane Campbell William Jones Cynthia Schwind
James Campbell Lorraine Jones Patricia Sclater
Reginald Campbell ETHEL JONES Amanda Scoby
Gene Campbell Melody Jones Carol Scott
Lekesha Campbell Brianne Jones Karin Scott
Clinton Campbell Mary Jones winona scott
Carla Campbell CHELSEA Jones Jessie Scott
Daniel Campbell Vonda Jones Thomas Scott
Bethann Canada MARVIN JONES Amy Scott
Kathy Canaday Jacquelyn Jones Jannah Scott
Marlene Canatsey Tracy Jones Jennifer Scott
Monet Candler Christopher Jones Dean Scott
Dana Candler David Jones Richard Seals
Christopher Cannon Laquetta Jones Julia Searcy-Ortega
Lori Cannon Katrin Jones William Seaton
Thomas Cannon DEREK JONES J'Neane Seay
Sandra Cantler Verna Jones Dogan Seber
Jesse Cantu LORRAINE JONES Daniel Sebring
Edgar Cantu Yvette Jones Brenda Seegars
John Cantwell Derek Jones David Seesholtz
MARGARITA CARDENAS Mary Jones Elizabeth Segura
Jayne Cardenas Patricia Jones Emily Seibert
Barbara Carder Sonia Jones Jeff Seidleck
Richard Cardona Diaz Jaime Jones DEVIN SELF
Vera Carey Stacy Jones King Michael Sellers
Tiffany Carey Anthony Jordan Holly Selph
Daniel Carlquist Terri Jordan sara sena
Valerie Carlson Joanne Jordan Joanna Senske
Jewel Carlson Cornelious Jordan Judith Senykoff
Michelle Carlson Sean Jordan Laura Sepulveda
Ken Carpenter Jeanette Jordan David Serena
Jon Carpenter Brenda Jordan Vicki Serna
Rochelle Carpenter James Jordan Michael Serrone
Jeffery Carpenter Lavern Jordan John Sevilla
Dani Carpenter Glen Josephson Andrew Seward
Trachelle Carr Nicholas Jowers Valerie Sewell
Damali Carr Loretta Jowers Marie Sewell
Susan Carr Frances Jowyk Charles Sexton
Marye Carr Kay Joy Barge Matthew Sexton
Melissa Carranza Marc Joyal Jennifer Seymour
Wenndy Carrasco ziyadah joynes Shahid Shabazz
Michael Carrasquillo Alan Ju Muslimah Shabazz
Kristi Carrier Howard Jubas Karl Shade
Diahna Carroll Mary Beth Juergens Suzan Shafer
Wendi Carroll DENEA JUNIUS Parm Shahi
elizabeth carroll Catherine Jurisic Steven Shamhart
Patricia Carroll Anoop Krishna K Nair Barbara Shanley
Pamelia Carter priya kadam Gary Shapiro
Barbara Carter Teresa Kaiser Dennis Sharkey
LaRhonda Carter Edward Kaleikau Kenneth Sharpless
Jane Carter RYAN KALUA'U Leslie Shavers
josie carter Diane Kammlah Vern Shaw
Macie Carter Kim Kanaga Stephanie Shaw
Jamelah Carter Debbie Kane Lynne Shaw
David Cartier Bill Kane Barbara Shawyer
Jack Carver Daniel Kaneshiro William Shay
Nichele Carver Bill Kang margaret shea
Dale Cary TERRI KARAFIN Jerry Shead
Paul Casalaspi andre karamanian William Sheehna
Carlos Casaus Christine Karovic Susan Shehan
Glenn Cason Dheeraj Katangur Amy Sheldon
Robert Cassidy Shelley Kaufherr Ben Shelton
Suzanne Castens Jan Kaufman Vickie Shelton
Andrew Castillo queen Kavanaugh Arzaretta Shelton
Wendy Castineira Robin Keeler Michelle Sherbondy
Bonnie Castro Trish Keen Michael Sherman
Louie Castro Richard Keene William Sherman
Erica Cate william keeton Caroline Sherony
Ruby Caudill Debra Kehrer Paul Shibelski
Youlanda Caudle Lisa Keibler Penelope Shibley
anita cawthon Sonya Keith Kathleen Shifflett
Joseph Centeno Karla Kekela Shinu Shilesh
Jose Centeno vivian keller Martha Shine
Paul Cernik Sandra Keller natasha shinn
Anne M. Cestone Lisa Kelley Janice Shipman-Hobbs
Ronald Cezair Wanda Kelley Kathleen M Shipp
Rachel Cezar James Kelley Diane Shirley
John Chadwick Glenda Kelley Barry Shisler
Yolanda Chalise Jeffrey Kellner Susan Shockey
Chris Chambers Michelle Kelly Deborah Shore
Lin Chambers Joyce Kelly Renata Shore
Henry Chambers Ursula Kelly David Short
Kim Chan Christopher Kelly Katie Short
Harold Chandler Jackie Kelly Michelle Shows
Leathey Chandler Jeff Kelnhofer Robin Shreves
Frank Chandler Judy Kelsey Brian Shubargo
Joyce Chandler Denise Kemp Kevin Shuey
Karen Chaney Lisa Kennaway Becky Shufelt
Nancy Chapman Mark Kennedy Marilyn Shy
JOEL CHAPMAN Susan Kennedy Charlotte Sickels
Camille Chapman Heidi Kennedy Celeste Sickles
Randal Charles Leonard Kenon Krystal Sieber
Ingrid Charlton Kim Kenty Robert Sigler
Rhonda Chase Daniel Kepich Tracy Sigouin
Julie Chasse Jeff Kerby Ray Sikes
Johnny Chatham Michael-David Kerns Melony Sikes
Chris Chatman Mary Kerschner David Silfies
Sydnee Chattin Anna Kerttula de Echave George Simmers
Carol Chavez David Kesner Necole Simmonds
Ilde Chavez Nancy Ketcham Mark Simmons
kianna cheek CHRIS KETNER Machelle Simmons
Wendell Cheers Bonnie Ketola Alicia Simon
Stephen Cheever Josephine Keys Wayne Simon
Evan Chen Jim Keys Johnny Simon
Vivian Chen Alam Khan Carol Simon
Hui Chen ASAD KHAN Sean Simone
Frederick Cheng Punya Khanal Pamela Simpson
eun ju cheong Elana Khanna David Simpson
Craig Cheresposy Anthony Khanna Jennifer Sinatra
SCOTT CHERRY Allison Khroustalev Angela Sinclair
Susan Chesney John Kiecana Raghvendra Singh
D'Anne Chesnick sandra kiefer Mahendra Singh
Cynthia Chetta constance kiefiuk Abhishek Singhal
John Cheung Jenniffer Kiessling Quinn Sinnott
john chibirka Martin Kihiko Randy Sisk
James Chihak Murali Kikkisetti Scott Sisson
Jeanna Childers James Kilkenny Rebecca Sitzes
Brian Childers saemi kim Ellen Skinner
Stephanie Childs Donna Kim Julia Slabosheski
Thomas Chillemi Jun Kim Stacey Slacum
Teung Chin Myung Kim Janet Slavich
Loren Chinnery christine kimball Wanda Sledd
Ellen Chinni Charles Kimber Dallas Slemp
Johnny Chism Salina Kinard Beth Slinkard
Linda Chittum Glen Kinder Luann Sliwicki
Gautam Chitupolu Jerry King Richard Slusher
Linda Choha Sabrina King ANDREA SMALL
Gregory Chong Kathy King Peter Smalley
Muhammad Choudry Antrole King LuAnna Smartt
George Chow Julie King tamarra smedley
Fahmida Chowdhury James King Matthew Smedra
Alexander Christensen Amanda King Anna Smelley
cathleen christensen LaRenda King Daniel Smigal
Cynthia Christian Tammy King Tiffany Smit
Rose Christmas Jacqueline King Holly Smith
Cindy Church Jeffrey King Marva Smith
Carolyn Chute-Festervan P King Bryant Smith
Donna Cichy Ann Kinney Helena Smith
Nicole Ciereck Bruce Kinney Paulette Smith
Edwin Cierpial Jr LORETTA KINNON Curtis Smith
Danonne Citro Kyle Kinports Billy Smith
jean Claassen Linda Kirk Christine Smith
Wade Clack William Kirkwood Alberta Smith
Claudette Clair Lawrence Kiser Eric Smith
Dawn Clamors jennifer kish Rebecca Smith
Avis Clark Henrietta Kissel Derrick Smith
Michelle Clark Joe Kittle Julika Smith
Fred Clark Carol Kittson Dorothy Smith
Shawnna Clark Steffon Kizine Annette Smith
JT Clark Michael Klamm Catherine Smith
Jacquiline Clark Kathie Klass MIldred Smith
Zyale Clark Patrice Klein Traci Smith
Dorna Clark Celia Kling Dontrell Smith
Vickie Clark Patricia Kmiecik Craig Smith
Hillary Clark Christine Knecht Joe Smith
dale clark Gerald Knepp LaShawn Smith
Debra Clark Lisa Knicely Edward Smith
Cheryl Claus Danielle Knipper Gary Smith
Christine Claussen Todd Knoedler Gina Smith
Fabian Clay Kathryn Knotek Tondalee Smith
Veronica Clay David Knowles Karen Smith
Alcinda Clay Mike Knowlton Kevin Smith
Brandon Clay Paularie Knox James Smith
Lawrence Clayton Patty Knupp Tabatha Smith
Willie Clayton Julie Koch Mike Smith
Robert Clayton Kirsten Koch Linda Smith
LAWRENCE CLAYTON Gina Koch beatrice smith
Barbara Anne Clayton Tanya Koch Johnny Smith
Kyle Clem Janice kocher Sherry Smith
Melanie Clemons Umesh Kodira Margaret Smither
Gene Clendon EVERETT KOECHNER Barbara Smothers
GAIL CLEWIS-HOPKINS Della Koen Betsy Snell
Eunice Clinton BOB KOENEN Leisa Snodgrass
Jill Clothier dawn koenen Stephanye Snowden
Debora Clovis Edward Koenen Stanislav Sokolo
Roberta Coalter Collin Koers Alexis Solano
Bonnie Cobb Barbara Kohn Alexis Solano
Scott Cochran Robin Kohnert Melissa Somers
Dana Cochrane Julie Kokolus Wendy Sonnabend
Amy Coe John Koller Christine Sorensen
Andrew Cogdill Fran Kolpack Luis Soto
Tara Coker Bob Koltes Cretia Soto
Carolyn Coker Srikrishna Komatineni Veronica Soto
Richard Coker EMILY KONRADY Juan Soto-Morales
c coker laurie konsella Mary Souther
Douglas Colaprete Karen Koons Alicia Sowah
Panshella Cole Brian Kopper Allison Spaight
Lyndsay Cole Jennifer Koranda Kellie Spalding
LaShon Cole Michael Korenbaum Leslie Sparksman
Fallon Coleman Elizabeth Kostakis Julie Spaulding
Quentin Coleman Teresa Kostal Jackie SPEAKMAN
Samuel Coleman Gina Kouba Mary Speiden
Dana Coleman Matthew Kowalski SABRINA SPENCE
Ron Coleman Ann Krake Robert Spencer
Sharon Coleman Lori Ann Krause Michael Spencer
Susan Coleman Sandra Kraybill Donna Spencer
Regina Coleman beate kreiner jessica spencer-gallucci
Charles Coleman Aaron Kretzer Janice Speth
Pamela Coleman Jared Krieger Martin Spetich
Francis Coleman dilip krishnagiri Amy Spillman
George Coleman Kathryn Kroening Sandra Spinks
jonathan coleman Kelly Krolick Harlan Spiva
Sonia Collazo Amanda Krot Duane Spomer
Lydia Collazo-De Jesús Mark Krueger Armena Springs
Willis Collie Linda Kruger bill spry
Danielle Collier Janet Krugle Heike Stabenow
Yolanda Collins Merlaine Kruse Allison Stahl
Tami Collins Carol Kruse Pamela Stahlke
Shaun Collins Mary Kubow Patricia Stahlman
Catherine Colon Kashka Kubzdela Tamara Staley
Betsy Colon Kevin Kuczynski CHRISTENE STALEY
Linda Colon Stacey Kulevich Mary Stallings
Lisa Coman Amit Kumar Donnika Stance
Leslie Combs Mete Kural Sheila Standridge
Patrick Comiskey Dawn Kuras Cynthia Stanford
Dana Compton Brian Kurzhal Naomi Stanford
Renee Coneway Brenda Kuykendall Beth Stanley
Nazly Confesor Deborah Kwitkowski Janine Stanley
Edward Confino Shing Kwok ROBERT STANLEY
Pamela Conklin KIMBERLY KYLE Brenda Stanton
Wade Conn Steve Lacina Gary Stapleton
Nicolas Connault Clay Lagasse carla stark
Renae Connell Dot LaGrange Nathan Starman
Janet Connelly jeri lahmann Shanita Staten
Kim Conner Veronica Laird Timothy Staton
Bob Connors Sherri LaJoie Sheila Staton-Clifton
Paul Conrad Bahn Lam Amber Steed
Jennifer Conrad-Inge Monica Lamas Pamela Steed
Theresa Conteh Janelle Lamb Samantha Steenkamp-Farrell
Karen L. Cook Michael Lamb Ed Steinkoenig
Margaret Cook Sarah Lambert Sarah Stella
Joni Sue Cook Leanna Lamkin D. Charles Stemmans II
Joyce Cook Bob Lanberg Theresa Stensgaard
Michelle Cook Deborah Lancaster ARLETHA STEPE
John Cook Shanita Landon Lisa Stephens
Donald Cook Sharon Lane deidra stephens
Mila Cook Erin Lane Stephanie Stephens
Sherry Cook Michelle Lane Alan Stephens
Monica Cooke Melissa Lane Darlene Stephens
Danielle Cooke Bridzette Lane Michael Stephenson
Stephanie Cooks machelle lang Willia Stepney
LaToya Cooper Samreen Lanneau Felicia Stepney
Julie Cooper Leora Lapolice Dorothy Anne Steppe
Stephanie Cooper Kathie LaPorte Isaac Sterling
Laura Coover Leah Largaespada Philip Stetson
Melvin Copeland Tonja LARK Noel Stevens
James Copeland DOREEN CHRISTIAN LAROCHE Marlo Stevenson
Ron Copstead Robert LaRoe Shirley Stevenson
Elvis Cordova Dana Larsen Rick Stewart
Teresa Cordova Chris Larsen Arlicha Stewart
Donna Cornella David Larsen Colin Stewart
Vincent Cornetto Angie Larson Victoria Stewart
kelly cornish Carrie Larson Tyra Stewart
Ann Corona Diane Larson Sonya Stewart
Sandy Corum PETER LASHOTO Donna Stewart
Norma Costa Jane Lassiter Bonnie Stewart
Robert Costello Odette Latapi Michelle Stiles
Geraldine Couchman Michael Lathrop Trista Still
Chad Council Jolene Lau Maureen Stine
jim Courage Stephanie Lau Beth Stinson
Jennifer Courchaine Dennis Laughlin Vivian Stith-Williams
Joseph Covarrubio Alexander Lauro Tracey Stockert
Bob Covington Judith Lavelle Ann Stoeger
Wanda Covington-Ragsdale Jenkins LaVerne Randal Stoker
Carroll Cox Steve Law Stacey Stokes
Marschelle Cox Sharon Lawrence Melissa Stone
Beverly Cox suzanne lawrence Eric Stonner
Joseph Cox Joyce Lawson Deborah Storch
Marc Cox Lisa Layne camille storck
Tamika Cox Barbara Leach Randy Story
Rayma Cox Heather Leach Samantha Stotelmyre
Chris Craft Leonora Leacock Janet Stouder
Lars Crail Daniel Lear Timothy Stover
Jessie Crain Nancy Leathers Angela Stowes
Benjamin Crain Tim LeBlanc Caryl Strader
matt crampton Heather LeClair Karen Stratchko
Bridget Crane Barbara Lee Steve Stratton
Elizabeth Crane-Wexler Richard Lee Karl Strause
beverly cravens Paula Lee Brenda Strawsburg
Lee Crawford Monica Lee Sandra Strayhorn
Suzanne Creasey Heather Lee stephanie strength
Jerry Creasser Ava Lee Douglas Strickland
Pamela Crenshaw Matt Lee Rochelle Strickland
Bill Crews Darnell Lee Wayne Stroeh
Kelley Crews David Lee Sadie Strong
Tom Criman MaryBeth LeFevre Vonda Strong
Mike Crisostomo Addrianne Lefkowitz Yolanda Stroud
Barbette Crockwell Tracy Legall Matthew Stroul
martha crofton Kevin LeGrand Kelly Strzelecki
Vicky Crone Sandra Lehner Ester Stubbs
Gary Crook Diann Leiblie Barbara Studt
Connie Crook Ephraim Leibtag Deseree Stukes
Ulethea Crooms Aaron Leimbrock Mark Stull
Monte Crosby Donald Leiss Connie Sturgill
Cathy Crotty Monica Lemberg Margaret Styles
Tom Crouch Eric LeMoult Evelyn Suarez
Charles Crow Daniel Lengyel EDNA SUAREZ
Robert Crowder Linda Leonard Victoria Suazo-Chanza
Todd Crowley Jonathan Leonard Mark Such
Kevin Crowley Mark Lepire Michael Sucik
Quasette Crowner Laura Leplow Sandy Suckow-Voss
David Crumb Mary Beth Lepore Victoria Sulenes
JoAnn Cruse Margaret Lercher Sara Sullivan
Michael Cruser robert lesino Edward Sullivan
Elisa Cruz Maxine Levin Hugh Sullivan
OMAR CRUZ Alison Levy Sarah Summerville
Tara Cruz Daniel Lewandowski Sudhir Surendran
Veronica Culver Diane Lewis Jan Surface
Anne Cummings Mary Lewis Kala Surprenant
Gavin Cummins Gwendolyn Lewis Lamar Surtees
Laura Cunliffe Tinathan Lewis Jayasree Suryanarayanan
Lisa Cunningham Denise Lewis Zina Sutch
Mary Cunningham Sandra Lewis Susanne Sutherland
James Cunningham Bobby Lewis Remona Suttlar
Louis Cunningham Vanessa Lewis Greg Svendsen
Eli Curiel Kennard Lewis Shaun Swan
Tori Curley Rhonda Lewis Deanne Swan
Sidney Curnow Dwoyne Lewis Robert Swander
Tim Current Deanna Lewis Yvette Swann
Lucy Currie Kellie Lewis Lester Swann
Jack Currie Jack Lewis Paul Sweeney
Martin Curry Holly Lewis Steven Sweeney
Judy Curtis Stephanie Leydon Jennifer Sweet
Carol Curtis Yun Li Christina Swegles
Leisa Curtis Robert Li lisa swenka
Robin Cusato-Wood Ruhui Li Gerald Swenson
Lana Cusick Shu-Ahn Li Tammy Swotek
Richie Cyrus Trina Liddell Thelma Sykes
Theresa D Addio Amber Lidell Anne Sylvester
Rosemary D'Altorio Krista Liebert Sara Symons
Aurora D'Amico carolyn liebrand Nicole Szabo
Krystal Dabney Joli Liebrock Sarah Szachnieski
Antonio DaCosta Kim Lien Vicki Taber
Nikki Dahl Denise Liggett Chante Tabron
Cheryl Dahl Christopher Liggett Rob Taglieri
Dave Dahler David Lightle Benjamin Taisague
Kati Dahm Mary Ligon Nancy Tait
Martha Dall scott Likes Wendy Tallents
Holly Dalton Mary Lilley Che Tang
Andrea Damico Maribel Lim Cheng Tang
Lara DAmore Bruce Liming Sandra Tanoue
Dean Danekas Sonja Lin Kerrie Tao
Karen Danfa Jiann-Tsyh Lin Erica Tarbox
Kashya Daniel Pam Lincoln Wilma Tarry
Sharidon Daniel Catherine Lindberg Prentice Tart
jean daniel Camie Lindemann Harold Tarver
gwendolyn daniels Deborah Linder Lori Tasos
Tammy Daniels Belinda Lindsay Penny Tate
Debra Daniels ed lindsay Charles Tate
Peter Danjczek Jeanne Lindsey Tami Taulbert
Barbara Darien Thad Lindsey Barbara Taylor
John Darling Tammi Lindsey Kenneth Taylor
Julie Daughdrill Adrian Lindsey Theresa Taylor
David Daverso Robert Lingard JoyceM Taylor
Michael David Tracie Linne Penelope Taylor
Roderika Davidson Marian Linnell Lillian Taylor
Brian Davies Leslie Linneman Prince Taylor
Nicole Davila Mark Lino Anke Taylor
Denise Davila-Brownlee Richard Linton Ramona Taylor
Ruth Davila-Johnston Dana Lintz Jenifer Taylor
Jerome Davin grace lipscomb Jeff Taylor
Edith Davis Lilian Lipton Vicki Taylor
Janet Davis Andy Lister Catherine Taylor
Cheryl Davis Pamela Liston George Teachman
Laura Davis Thomas Little Laurel Teehan
Amanda Davis Judith Little Cindee Teer
Terria Davis Taina Litwak Amir Tejpar
John Davis Ge Liu Steven Tempia
Michele Tiffany Davis Matthew Livesey Norma Teran-Henderson
Pamela Davis Rosalyn Livingston Betty Terry
Joyce Davis Michael Livingston angela terry
Leah Davis david livingston Tina Tester
Rich Davis Joy Llossas Trudy Teter
Lorrie Davis Anna Lloyd Rhonda Tetik
Sharrell Davis Mary Lobermeier ALICE THALER
Wanda Davis Cliff Lockett Ellen Thaler
Joel Davis Deborah Lockhart John Thaniel
Deborah Davis Rose Loehr Shakeana Thaxton
Geoffrey Davis Ryan Loewe Mike Theis
Katrina Davis Amy Loftus Mike Thelk
NYDIA DAVIS Kimberley Loftus Ben Thiel
Aquia Davis Tyran Loggins Sharon Thissell
Jeff Davis Casandra Loggins-Mitchell Jennifer Thoman
Dianne Davis-Wright Audrey Lomax Tracy Thomas
Amanda Dawson Patricia Lombardi Kathryn Thomas
Donna Day Alexis Lometz Sharlene Thomas
Rosalynn Days-Austin Darcy Long lynn thomas
Armando De Hoyos Jonathan Long Jennifer Thomas
Joseph De Prisco Lorraine Long Karen Thomas
Jamie De Vries Michelle Lonsdale Irma Thomas
Mitzi Dean Timothy Looby Priscilla Thomas
delores dean Susan Looper Rhonda Thomas
leslie deavers Joyce Loper Stephen Thomas
Lori DeBaca WANDA LOPEZ Rosaline Thomas
La'Shonda DeBrew Betsy Lopez Cynthia Thomas
Donna Decker Stephanie Lopez-Neyman Morgann Thomas
Tammy Decker Susan Lopresti Jerry Thomas
DeNira Dedeaux Carol LoSapio Stephanie Thomas
Dominica DeDominico Kristin Lough Sharon Thomas
John Deen-Turay Malcolm Loungway Lovetta Thomas
chris DeFreese Char Dae Love Christine Thomas
Dawna deFreitas Boney Audrey Love Ken Thomas
bobby deitch Tina Love Mel Thomas
melinda deitrick Dennis Love Michael Thomas
Janet Dejung Laria Lovec Raymon Thomas
Patricia Del Vecchio Judy Lovell LORENA THOMAS
Cheryl Delamater Mary Lovley Linda Thomashow
Kathy Delauter Elya Lovvorn Christopher Thompkins
Javier Delgado Julian Lowe Lisa Thompson
Richard Della Porta March Lowe Mike Thompson
Romie Deloatch Jr Stephanie Lowery Tamoria Thompson
raquel delvalle Jose Lozada Barbara Thompson
Lauren DeMarco Mark Lucas Anthony Thompson
Mark Deming Donita Lucas-Brown Tanja Thompson
Anna DeMoss MARY LUCERO Tina Thompson
Carleen Dempsey Jessica Luemen Ann Thompson
Carl DeNigris Marilou Luetkemeyer Felicia Thompson
Tammy Denney Eddie Lugo Gaenor Thompson
Mary Dennis Jorge Lugo-Camacho Amy Thompson
Susan Dennis Bernadette Lujan Mary Thompson
wendy dennis paul luke Rosetta Thompson
David Denny Teresa Lukes Michelle Thompson
Lori Denton Delilah LumHo Shawn Thompson
Ann Denton Donald Lumpkins Angela Thompson
Paul DeOca David Lungren Stacey Thompson
Tiana DePeiza Nancy Luria Gail Thompson
Julie DePue Kathleen Lusby Chagina Thompson
John Derbish Loretta Lush kym thompson
Craig Derickson Mary Lutkenhaus Angela Thompson-Conley
Justin Derner Tom Lutman Jacob Thoms
Camillo DeSantis Sara Lutton Jennifer Thornhill
Lindsey Deshazer Brenda Luzietti Darlene Thornton
Sangram Deshmukh Anjunette Lyles Margie Thorson
Ernest DeStefano Paula Lynch Trent Tice
Tyler Detrick Rick Lynch Kristine Tice
Sharon Deuter Pamela Lyons Cheryl Tillery
Steven deVaux Cheryl Mabry-Thomas John Tillery
John Devavaram Kara MacDowell Janicer Tillery
Vicki Dever Tina Mace Anita Tillett
Pat DeWolf Lisa Machnik WILLIAM TILTON
Shankar Dharmarajan Al Macias Leticia Timothy
Terry Di Leone Ed Macie Jennifer Tischer
T Lynear Dial Zona MacIntyre Nancy Tobin
Neneh Diallo Cassandra Mack Jessica Todd
Sally Diamond David MacKendrick ollie todd
Pamela Diaz James Mackenzie Nikki Tolliver
Marta Diaz Vivian Mackey K Tomalka
Denise Diaz Marsha Maddox Sarah Tomich
Kathy DiBerardinis Nancy Magee Sonja Tomlinson
Jere Dick Mary Maggi Anthony Ton
MeChelle Dickey Robert Magill Kim Toppin
Mark Dickson argyris magoulas Linda Toppin
John Diefenderfer Douglas Maguire melissa torchon
Matthew Dietrich Adelina Maier Myrna Torres
Tiara Diggs Linda Main Ruben Torres
Nicole Diggs mary maj Norma Torres
Tom Dilley Kenny Majoros Ray Torres
Timothy Dilliplane Damian Makarushka Patti Toth
Tara Dillon Eve Makle-Wood patti toth
Joanie Dilone Juanita Makuta Lucy Touhey
Gregory DiNapoli Mary Malene Charles Townes
Mike Dinkel Patty Malidore James Townley
Julia Dinkins Vedpal Malik Kathleen Townson
Ben Dinsmore Karen Malkin Dennis Trainum
Amadou Diop Michelle M Mallory Heather Trainum
Kathy Ditto Kim Malloy-Rodgers Terese Trapani
Prashant Dixit mark malmgren Debra Travis
Cynthia Dixon Marie Malo Mary Traxler
Michellle Dixon Katie Maloney Karol Treadway
Jennifer Dobb EDDIE MALTER Leon Treutle
Gene Dobry Stephen Mamber Shirley Triano
Ken Dobson Lisa Manahan Marie Trickey
Patricia Dobson Maya Maness-Blakney Marie Kathleen Trickey
Tina Dobsonq Michele Manganelli Preston Trilck
Paul Dodson Linda Manges Christine Trillo
Wanda Dolby Christopher Mangieri Barrett Trimble
Sonya Domingo Larry Mann rasika tripathy
Charlotte Donaldson SAMIYYAH MANNING Sally Tripp
Natalie Donatelli Denise Manos Ana Troncoso
michael donch Michael Manspeizer Lesley Troope
Don Donnell Darren Manthei Sherri Trujillo
Tom Donnelly Tom Manthey Sarah Trujillo
Mary Donoghue Beth Mantiply Susan Trulove
Jason Donovan Heather MANZANO Deborah Truxal
Annie Donovan Tanisha Mapes Xiomara Tryban
Christine Doran Gina Margolati Eleni Tsigas
Pamela dorgan Janice Marino Flora Tsui
Shawn Dorman Hollis Marken James Tuck
Izella Dornell William Marken shirlette tucker
Paulfeld Dornfeld Johanna Markham Julie Tucker
Cheryl Dorosh Elizabeth Marks Dawn Tucker
Pauline Dorsan Harry Marks Jenise Tuitt
Ginger Edgecombe Dorsey Lynn Markum John Tunberg
Kevin Dorsey Clarissa Maroon-Lango Patricia Turecek
KEvin Dorsey Tara Marostica Theresa Turnbow
Tanya Dosal Jhana Marquez VALERIE TURNER
Antoine Dotson Shannondor Marquez Ronald Turner
John Doty Julie Marquis David Turner
Wayne Douet Brian Marrs jim turner
Lisa Doumont Antionette Marshall Ian Turner
Danielle Dove Larry Marshall Thomas Turner
Saundra Dover LaToya Marshall Sharon Turner
Anne Dow Antoinette Marshall-Hamner Patricia Turner
Robert Downing Crystal Martin Dori Turner
Steven Downs Jane Martin Will Turner
LaKeisha Doyle valerie martin Kristen Turner
Mike Doyle Caitrin Martin Ann Tusha
Barbara Dragoo Regina Martin SOPHIA TUTEIN
Sandra Drake Gale Martin William Twomey
Melinda Draper Kyle Martin Gloria Tynes
Danielle Draper Mahala Marie Martin Benjamin Tyus
Paula Drapp Yvonne Martin Laura Udy
Melanie Drecksel Jeremiah Martinez Jon Ueland
Andrea Drew O'Laine Martinez Ramona Ulibarri
Becky Drosopoulos dileimy martinez Thomas Ulrich
Teresa Drotar Gloria Martinez Hannah Umoh
Angela Drudik Mike Martinez Denise Underwood
Brandy Drummond Michael Martinez Connie Unger
Ralph Drwiega Karla Martinez-Garcia Kellie Upshaw
Bruce Dubisar EDWIN MAS Gabriel Urioste
Sandra DuBois Rhonda Mashburn Renee Utt
Pandora Dubose Dave Mason Katy Vagnoni
ERIN DUBROC Sheila Mason Nicole Vaillant
Jim Ducharme Lisa M. Mason John-Michael Vaisa
Marsha Duckstein Gale Mason Lara Vaive
Nancy Dudley Darleen Masten Thomas Valco
Donald Duerr Armond Master Luis Valdes
Andrew Duff Justine Mastrangelo Angela Valdez
Karen Duke Jessalyn Mastrianni Anita Valdez
Michael Dukes Phillip Mather Karla Vale
Sandra Dukes Stacey Mathews Eunice Valentin
Tracy Dukes Ranarda Mathis Paul Valento
Lucille Dula Tony Matlock Michael Valivullah
Melissa Dull Patricia Matteson Eric Valjean-Nguyen
Terri Dunahay Gary Matteson SCOTT VAN
Vickie Dunaway Rodger Matthews Kathryn Van Hecke
bill dunaway cecilia matthews Jaime Van Lieu
Debra Duncan Dawn Matthias Mary Van Roy
Phillip Duncan Jamie Mauk Meghan VanAken
Elizabeth Duncan Lynn Mauldin Kris Vance
Donna Duncan Sheila Maxey Louis Vance
Terry Duncan Melinda Maxwell Kaci VanDalen
Kim Duncan Bobby Maxwell Joanne Vandegrift
Nanette Dunham Dana Maxwell David Vanderpool
Sherron Dunmore Gail Mayer George Vanderschmidt
Summer Dunn Joshua Mayer Tou Vang
Ronnie Dunn Eilis Maynard Tony Vargas
TaKia Dunn Stephanie Maynor Winona Varnon
Mariah Dunn Terry Mayo Tom Varns
Deborah Dunn Kari Mayon Kari Vasenden
Carolyn Dunn John Paul Mays Chearice Vaughn
Shawna Dunning Ryan Mays Thomas Vayro
John Dunsmuir Theresa Maze Maria Vazquez
Celesta Dunston Mary Anne Mazzarino Pamela Veal
brad dupee Rayanne McAfee Natalie Veeney Ford
Leonard Duplessis Lisa McAllister-Wood Valerie Vega
Keisha Durette Ted McArthur Amelia Velasco
Jean Durfee Lisa McCague NYRKA VELEZ
Jennifer Durlam Susan McCarthy Oriel Velez
Michelle Durney-Croniser Dorothy McCartney Paul Ver Hagen
ROBIN DURRETTE Rebecca McCathern Gloria Vera
Peter Duryea Tobye McClain Kristen Verdi
Barbara Dwyer Bill McClain Nancy Veres
Daphne Dyer Danette McClellan Lolita Verma
Patricia Dyer Ketkeo McClelland Quincy Verman
Angelique Dyer Janelle McClintock Sonya Vermeire
Mitchell Dykstra Jane McComas Jerry Verser
Renee Dykstra Kathi McCombs Kim Vieira-Rainville
Nicole Dyson Dee McConnell Kevin Vienneau
Margaret Dziedziak Dawn McConoughey Richard Vigil
Wanda Dziwura Morris B. McCord Gabriela Vigo
Sherry Eagle Robin McCormick Cynthia Villa
Ryan Eagleson Mary McCorvie Karen Villalobos
Richard Anson Eaglin patricia mccoy Susana Villescas
Patsy Earley Latoya McCoy Michael Vince
John Earnhardt Nicki McCoy Delbert Virchow
Ethel Eaton Sarika McCoy Char Virgil
Margo Eaton Juan McCoy Deborah Virgovic
DEBRA EATON William McCrary Shari Virola
Annetta Ebelhar Gail McCrary Hector Viteychuk
Leigh Eberhart Dan McCusker Jennifer Vogel
Leslie Ebert Michele McDonald Christine Voglesong
Dean Ebling Lynn McDonald Kristine Vollmer
KARIME ECHEVARRIA Rhonda McDonald Jil Voris
Cynthia Eck Virginia McDonald Sandy Voss
Lorraine Eckard Lynette McDuffie Michelle Voyatzis
Ron Eckel Cathy McDuffie Randy Vreeke
Barbara Eddy Gloria McEntire Karen Wachtler
Denise Edgerton Melody McFadden Kyle Wachtstetter
Denise Edmond Barry McFadden Tamara Wade
Cynthia Edmond Lisa McFerson Kevin Wade
Tiffany Edmondson maria mcgaha Terri Wade
Gail Edmondson Dennis McGarry Zeta Wade
Debbie Edmunds Christopher McGath Tamara Wade
Tammie Edmunds Laura McGeever Shelly Wadhawan
Contina Edwards Patti McGhee James Wadsworth
David Edwards Lea McGiboney Caitlain Wagner
John Edwards Janet McGinn Randy Wagoner
Janet Ehlers Michelle McGinness Anthony Walborn
virginia eibert Deborah McGlothlin Dianne Walbrecker
Cyndi Eichler John McGough William Walden
James Eidswick Timothy McGovern Joan Waldoch
deb ekstrand Tracy McGrady Van Walker
marianne elbertson Tom McGrady Napoleon Walker
Mostafa Eldakdoky Kevin McGrath Sheila Walker
Teresa Elder Lori McIntyre Nancy Walker
Curtis Elke Marilyn McIntyre-Barnes` Rose Walker
Tania Ellersick Laura McIntyre-Kelly Vicki Walker
kelly elli Roland McKee Tamika Walker
John Ellington teresa mckeivier Thomas Walker
Earl Elliott Scott McKenna Candy Wall
Shelly Elliott Connie McKennie Justin Wall
James Elliott Susan McKenzie Teresa Wall
Robin Elliott Brenda McKeown Bill Wall
Susan Ellis Adrienne McKie Valencia Wallace
Lolita Ellis Jane McKinley Dastina Wallace
Patricia Ellis KAREN MCKINLEY Donna Wallace
Christine Ellis david mckinley Rebecca Wallace
Bernard Ellsworth Aubrey McKinney charles wallace
Richard Elrod Amanda McKinnis Theodore Wallace, Jr.
Magde Elshafie John McKnight Janice Waller
Gorm Emberland Kathy McKoy Patricia Waller
Courtney Emmerich Angel McLaurine-Qualls Mary Waller
Carolyn Emmert Tammy McLemore Dennis Wallin
Tammy Encinias CAM MCMACKIN Scarlet Walls
patricia engel Jennifer McMillan Bill Walsh
Cheryl Engel Vickie McMillan Sharon Waltman
Joshua Engelking Kevin McMullens Carmen Walton
Kathy English Erika McMurtrey David Walton
Thomas Enroth Desiree McNair Connie Walton
Anthony Erba Deborah McNary Kyra Walton Reid
Sam Erdahl Kendra McQueary Hancy Wang
Brian Erdahl Ann McReynolds Jeff Ward
Renee Ernest Alonzo McSwain Paul Ward
Carol Ernst Barb McWhorter Jessica Ward
Patrick Ernst LISA MCWILLIAMS Jeaneane Ware
Gwen Ernst-Ulrich Steve Meacham Carolina Ware
Margo Erny Melinda Meade Bobbi Ware
WANITA ERVIN Barbara Meadows Vviian Warner
Corey Ervin Liz Mebane Elizabeth Warner
Greg Eschman JOSE MEDINA Anthony Warner
blaine escoe Mary Medley David Warner
Paul Escudero Roger Meeks Deirdre Warner
Meredith Esguerra Art Meen Sandra Warnken
Eric Espedal Dawn Meier Karen Warr
Richard Espinosa Christa Meier Michelle Warren
Kayla Estes Lewis Meisel Jim Warren
Ronald Etheridge Paul Mele James Washabaugh
Irene Etsitty Paul Melita Paul Washington
Tara Etter Richard Mellinger Lisa Washington
REGINA EVANS Ted Melson remonica washington
Deborah Evans Patricia Melton Edward Washington
Sharlene Evans Robert Menchaca Patricia Washington
Pat Evans Manuel Mendoza Karen Washington
Donald Evans British Menefee Gary Washington
Regina Evans Sharon Meng Patricia Wasniak
Shaunta Evans Tina Menke Debra Waterfield
Lorrie Evans Michael Mentavlos Michelle Waters
Nicole Evans Julie Merle Ken Waters
Melika Evans Kit Mernick Angella Watkins
Jonathan Evans Carolyn Merrell joyce watkins
Sylwia Everett Joan Meyer Deborah Watson
STEPHANIE EVERETT Tiffiie Meyer Kimberlee Watson
Tracy Everette-Duncan Patricia Michalak Christina Watson
Debbie Everhart mitchell michaud Michael Watson
Shari Ewell Manuel Michel Doris Watson
Amanda C. Ewing Glenna Mickelson Robbie Watson
Janice Fabina Connie Mikell Lynne Watts
Brenda Fahrbach Chris Mikesell Abigail Watts
Kelvin Fairfax Cheri Miles Murray Watts
Carmen Falcones Lauretta Miles Whitney Watts
cynthia fallin Carla Miles Roger Waugh
Derika Fallings Veronica Miles Dorothy Wayson
Bella Fallner Brad Miles Prentice Weaver
Kristen Fank Mary Ann Millard justin webb
Leo Fanning Daniel Miller Craig Webb
Wilma Fant Shelia Miller Jeffrey Webb
Jada Farine Vivian Miller Edward Webb
Bobbie Farley Barbara Miller Carol Webb
Valjean Farmer Keith Miller Christopher Webber
Tracey Farrigan Samuel Miller LOUIS WEBER
Melonie Fatchet Derrick Miller Mary Weber
Bonnie Fauber Jim Miller Anita Weber
Janet Fauth David Miller Lorrie Webster
Tim Fawcett Sue Miller William Webster
MIChan Faxio Mark Miller Ron Weeks
Vincent fayne Brent Miller SUE WEGNER
Stefan FEchter Dreana Miller Wayne Wehling
BETH FEDERICI Wanda Miller Jim Wehrer
Denise Feghali Calvin Miller Scott Weihman
Patricia Felbinger Christopher Miller Gloria Weimern
Mark Feldlaufer Tommy Millhiser alan weiner
karen felton Lyn Millhiser James Weiner
Kathryn Fenske Evette Mills Natalia Weinsetel
Justin Fenton Vicki Mills Sheryl Welch
Gregory Ferby Letitia Mims Andrews Teresa Welch
Ralph Ferguson Alex Minchenkov Lori Welch
Theresa Ferguson Karen Mines Mafalda Weldon
chris ferguson Danna Mingo Barbara Weller
Cathi Ferguson Davina Minnix Terrance Wells
Ann Ferguson Tamara Minnock Paul Wells
Tatjana Fernandez Evette Minzie Claire Wells
K Fernandez Belchior Mira David Welsch
Carlos Julian Fernandez Kanchan Mirani Georgia Welton
Troy Ferone Barbara Mischke Marian Wendel
William Ferris Ravi Mishra Debbie Wendell
Anna Ferus Nancy Miskovich L. Kristi Wenrich
Matt Fetter Haregewien Mismaku Lorraine Werner
Rob Fetters Jim Mitchell Timothy Werness
Sarah Field Scott Mitchell Chuck Werstak
Margaret Fields James Mitchell michelle wert
Rebecca Fields Mary Mitchell Tom Wesley
Paul Fiengo James MITCHELL Frank wesolowski
Magaly Figueroa Yolande Mitchell Larry Westcott
JOSEPH FIGUEROA Brenda Mitchell Gary Westermeyer
mariela figueroa Angela Mitchell Mark Westfahl
IVET FIGUEROA Tammy Mitchell Smith Greg Westfall
Jonathan Filas Madhu Mitra Erika Westry
Stacy Filipiak Joe Mlakar Ernie Wetherbee
John Filus Richard Mo Carolyn Wetuski
LaSaundra Finch Dana Moat Terri Weyer
David Finnerty James Mobley Doris Weyh
Craig Fiore Gazal Modhera Rita Wharam
James Firanzi Marcus Moffett Vivian Whatley
Kristina FIschbach Bonita Moffett Gary Wheeler
Tempora Fisher Ingrid Mohn Sheryl Wheeler
ron fishman Lizette Molina Connie Wheeler
Scott Fitscher Christine Momot King Whetstone
Chasity Fitzpatrick John Monahan Phyllis White
Neil Flagg Cindy Monk Jocelyn White
Oliver Flake Chelsea Monks Kathi White
Vicky Flakes-Jones Annette Monroe-Martin Claudette White
Dana Flatter M. Kaylene Monson Sydney White
Nancy Fleenor Sylvia Montgomery Tanika White
Angelia Fleming Loggie Madonna Montgomery Caryn White
Nino Fleri Robyn Montgomery Bettie White
Kelly Fleshner Ryan Montgomery Juliette White
Kum Fletcher Sabrina Montgomery Lori White
Kathy Fletcher Kathleen Moody Alex White
NEAL FLETCHER Diane Moon Stephanie White
Jay Fletcher Patrick Mooney John White
Michael Florczyk Donna Moore Helen White
Marilou Flores Patricia Moore Zelphia Whitfield
Janice Flores Ronald Moore VICKI WHITFIELD
Sabrina Flores Vonnie Moore Sabrina Whitley-Ferrell
Dora Flores Monica Moore rosanna Whitlock
Silvia Flores Stanley Moore Nancy Whitman
Deborah Flowers John Moore Steven Whitsett
John C Flowers Yvette Moore Norma Whittaker
Megan Floyd Carol Moore Brenda Whitwell
John Foldesi HARVEY MOORE Silvia Whoolery
Roxanne Folk Margie Moore Donna Wians
Sondra Folsom Jones Antonette Moore George Wickswat
Craig Foltz Latetia Moore Freeman Norman Widman
James R Fondon Demetries Moore-Drye lisa wigfall
Brian Fong Lydia Moore-Ward Michael Wigfall
Ellen Foppes Susan Moorng Kristy Wilbur
Precious Forbes Olga Morales Robin Wilcox
Curtis Ford Christian Morales Christine Wilder
Cynthia Ford Judy Moran Sherry Wilder
Diane Ford Dominique Morant KIMBERLY WILDING
Ronda Ford Angela Moreland ANDREW R WILDS
ALICIA FORD Cathy Morgan John Wile
GEORGE FORD D'Anne Morgan Brian Wiles
Paul Ford Phyllis Morgan Lori Wiley
Jennifer Ford Sandra Morgan Rebecca Wilgus
Steven Ford Randi Morgan Lara Wilhelm
Paulette Ford Sandy Morgan Tara Wilk
Teresa Fork Kimberly Morris Courtney Wilkerson
Sandra Fortson Terry Morris Nadine Wilkins
Ann Foserty John Morris Mary Wilkins
randall fossum lyfon morris Sheila Wilkinson
Carmelnita Fossum Mary Morris TERESA WILKS
NICKY FOSTER Michael Morrison Donna Will
Carolyne Foster Bobbie Morrison Todd Willard
Brenda Foster debbie morrison Daniel Willard
Helena Fountain Chartez Morton Jodi Williams
Michael Fournier Nikia Morton Pamela Williams
Gina Fowler Gary Moscript PAMELA WILLIAMS
Mimi Fowler-Coristine Cynthia Moseley Jennifer Williams
Roseal Fowlkes Denessa Moses Renee Williams
Shawntey Fox J Steven Mosley Michele Williams
Cheryl Francis Travis Mosley Terry Williams
Nulise Francois Lily Moua Tiffany Williams
Michelle Frank JOHN MOULTON Kevin Williams
SUE FRANK Eric Mueller Jim Williams
James Frank Derek Mueller Eunice Williams
Kimberly Franke Waleid Muhmed Charlie Williams
EVA L FRANKLIN Pamela Muilenburg Dona Williams
Rebecca Frasure Albert Mulder Jeff Williams
carl frazier Barbara Muldowney Jeanita Williams
Tina Frazier Ruth Mulkey Loukisha Williams
Bill Freda Donna Mullen LaTonya Williams
Reid Frederick Alicia Mullins Malik Williams
Jeremy Fredrickson Elane Mullins DORIS WILLIAMS
Catherine Freels Sharon Mulroy Jeff Williams
Lisa Freeman Timothy Mulvihill Donald Williams
CORY FREEMAN Edward Mundy Demetric Williams
Tausha Freeman Theophile Murayi Tom Williams
Kathryn Freeman Randy Murbach Marion Williams
Diane Freeman Martha Murillo Melinda Williams
TaWanna French Nichole Murillo Bonita Williams
Abbey fretz Rachel Murph Dottie Williams
Robert Freuler James Murphy Vanessa Williams
Melissa Frey Sheryl Murphy Connie Williams
Sarah Fritz Benjamin Murphy Ciara Williams
Robin Frost Donna Murphy Linnette Williams
Sandra Frost Rosalyn Murphy-Jenkins Jennifer Williams-Hartung
Katherine Frye Kirsten Murray Frank Williamson
Barbara Frye Carroll Murray Tina Williamson
Wanda Fuentes Karen Murray Deborah Williamson
John Fullen Kishia Murray Ebony Williamson
Stevonne Fuller Mariel Murray Finley Williamson
T Fuller Angela Murray Keisha Willis
Fran Fuller Alisha Murri Robert Willis
patty fulton Marc Musgrove Craig Willis
Tony Funderburk Charlene Musick Jacqueline Wills
Heather Funk Robert Musselman Skye Wills
Candace Funk Robert Myers Paulette Willyard
Rowena Furce Jacqueline Myers Larry Wilmes
Christina Furnkranz Tom Myers Tamara Wilson
Vincent Fusaro Kevin Myers Candace Wilson
Melanie Gabbard Lisa Myles TAMERA WILSON
Jose Gabiola Quan Myles Cheryl Wilson
Judy Gabriel Anthony Myles Joanne Wilson
Maureen Gage Gerald Nagel CHANEL WILSON
Juanita Gaines Salina Najera Gregory Wilson
Gtegory Gaj Jeremy Nalder Kimberly Wilson
Marjorie Galanos Jenifer Nalli Sonia Wilson
DeVoni Gale valerie namoki Julie Wilson
Patrick Gallagher Margie Napier Vickie Wilson
Nancy Gallagher Kimberly Narmore Beattra Wilson
Jecholia Gallagher Armando Narvaez Jacqueline Wilson
Mark Gallagher Christopher Nasados JoAnn Wilson
Kimberly Gallahan Noah Nason Sara Wilson
Sandra Gallardo-Cook Thomas Nasvytis Andrea Wilson
Monica Galli Elizabeth Naughton Robert Wilson
Rick Galliani Daniel Neal Wanda Wilson
Wendall Galvan Dan Neamtu April Wilson
colin galvin Willie Neapollioun Leigh Wiltison
John Gambriel Alison Neeley Christy Wiltse
Jacobo Gamez Steve Neff Karen Wims
Chad Gandy Mary Negron William Wimsatt
Albes Gaona Melissa Nelson Janel Winborne
Anthony Garbarczyk Terry Nelson Russell Winburn
Martha Garcia Allan Nelson Randal Windledr
Ernest Garcia Alicia Nelson Diedre Windsor
Daniel Garcia Stephanie Nelson Amy Winegardner
Jennifer Garcia Leiann Nelson Milton Wingert
Zulma Garcia Susan Nelson Angela Wingert
Belkis Garcia Veronica Nelson Nancy Winkler
Herman Garcia Kimenita Nelson Jermaine Winstead
Rosabeth Garcia-Sais Donnna Nelson Yvonne Winston
Barbara Anne Gardenhire-Mills Felicia Nelson Amy Winter
kelbyg gardiner HOLLY NESAW Jeffrey Winters
Vanessa Gardner Emma Nesbitt Christy Wipperfurth
Arriell Garner Arin Nesbitt Wade Wipperling
Karen Garrison Eduardo Neto Brenda Wise
Esperita Garrison Melissa New Farrell Wise
Russell Garside Sonja Newcombe Edward Wisneski
Edward Garvey Brian Newell RAYMOND WITCHER
Martha Garza Brian Newell Kenneth Witek
Trudy Garza Anne Newman Jim Witkop
Curtis Gaschler Felecia Newman Michael Witles
Donna Gaskins Kathy Newton Tim Witt
Tim Gaskins Doris Newton Barbara Wojcik-Betancourt
Nicole Gass Hoang Nguyen Eric Wolfbrandt
Michelle Gaston Doug Nguyen Isaac Wolford
Glenn Gates Kenya Nicholas Stacy Womack
Michael Gates Dorothy Nicholas Beth Wong
Bret Gates Letitia Nichols Tammy Wood
Cheri Gaudinier Amy Nichols Colleen Wood
Earlene Gaupp Rebecca Nichols Lori Wood
Susan Gayton Debbie Nichols Kera Woodad
Dave Geary Mark Nichols Jay Woodcook
Sandra Geiselman Jennifer Nicholson Brenda Woodley
Raymond Gelnar Sterlita Nicholson Melinda Woodruff
Kymberly Genes Norris Nicholson Erica Woods-Warrior
Gregory Gennitti Eric Nickerson Dovey Woodson
David George Richard Nicklas Ron Woody
Bernadette George Ronald Nida Antoinette Wooten
Tammy George Paige Niederer Sherri Wormstead
Patricia Gepford Mark Nieman Raymond Woten
Joseph Gerbrick Mark Nieshalla paul wray
Mary Louise Gerdes Erica Nieto Donald Wright
Erik Gerhard Kristi Nile Chris Wright
Michael Gerling Kay Niner Peter Wright
Donna German DINI NINO Sheri Wright
Carolyn Gethers ShaNita Nolan Jay Wright
Tina Ghormley Kathy Nolden Becky Wright
Sandy Gibbs Gayle Nollau PORTIA WRIGHT
Sabriena Gibbs Jim Nordlund Janell Wyant
Jane Gibson Sheila Norfus Melissa Wyatt
Donna Gibson Diane Norman Bonnie Wyatt
Daniel Giedroyce Michelle Norphlet Deborah Wyatt-Smith
Jonathan Gilad Mary Norris Sonya Wyldes
Cara Gildar Dawn Northedge John Xu
Paul Giler Damon Northrop Lizhe Xu
Tammra Gill Susan Nova Darlene Yamada
Douglas Gillam Carrie Novak Robert Yancey
Claude Gilleland Penny Nowak Saphronia Yancey
Alishia GIllenwater Joel Nowak Valerie Yarbrough
Dianna Gillespie Renita Nowlin Paul Yau
James Gillespie Richard Nuffer Janie Ybarra
Nicole Gillespie jamie (susan) nugent Laurie Yeager
Kevin Gillespie Marilynn Nunn Beth Yeh
Lynn Gillette Mary Nunnally Teresa Yenovkian
Kathy Gillikin Sarah Nutt Lawrence Yerich
Will Gillingwater Anita Nzeribe Myung Yi
Kimbra Gillis Donna O'Brien Lorriz Anne Yi
Dean Gillis Chans O'Brien Gilbert Ynostroza
Donna Gilmore Anita O'Brien Deb Yocum
Alvin Gilmore Robert O'Connor Randi Yokota
Lance Gilmore Kathryn O'Connor Rang Yon
Charles Gioglio colleen O'Connor Robin Young
Pamela Gipson Maureen O'Connor Barbara Young
Joella Givens Brian O'Daniel Allison Young
curtis glasoe Chris O'Donnell Dominique Young
Cynthia Glass Donna O'Dowd Steven Young
Leslie Glass Martha O'Hara Sheila Young
Deborah Glass Gerard O'Hare Shelene Young
Kimberley Glenn Maureen O'Hogan Nancy Young
LaChain Glenn Kelly O'Kell Deborah Young
Robert Glenny Patty O'Malley Ian Young
Kayla Glerum Teal O'Neal Gail Young
Angela Glodowske Tim O'Neill Gemma Yu-Meade
Deborah Glorioso Susan O'Toole Shawn Yuskaitis
Angela Glymph Patrick O'Toole Gina Zahner
Theresa Gmiterko Alan Oakes Lawrence Zaleski
Peggy Goble Deborah Oakeson Angela Zang
Matthew Godfrey Vanessa Oakley Sharon Zapata
Natasha Goedert Brian Oakley Diane Zarkin
Patricia Goheen Rudy Obispo Sami Zarour
Ruth Goldberg Cheryl OBrien YU ZHU
Neal Golden marcos ocadiz Sherry Ziebold
Judy Golden Michael Odegard Trudy Ziegelhofer
Scott Goldman Theresa Odekirk Marlyn Ziegler
Lyudmila Goldman George Odom Faith Ziegler
Jonathan Goldsmith Rachel Ogas Terry Zietlow
Richard Gomes Avery Ogletree Geno Zomparelli
Brenda Gomes Francis Ogunlade Jodie Zurn
Kayla Gomez Patricia Ogunyale Cheryle Zwang
MARICELA GOMEZ Michael Ohaneson Caroline Zwibelman
Sandra Gonzalez Peter Ohlms Ronald Zwilling

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