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  • Calculator

    The Telework Dividend calculator quantifies actual Federal telework savings. Importantly, the Telework Dividend calculator provides the first metrics to track the relative performance of Federal agencies in meeting the mandated requirement to support Federal telework operating models.

    Using the Telework Value calculators, you can log the number of roundtrip miles you commute to work or avoided commuting by teleworking, the number of days you work, the number of days you telework, the type of car you drive, and your agency affiliation. The calculators automatically compute the potential cost savings, environmental benefit, and telework dividend of Federal telework.

    The equations that power the Telework calculators draw on research from the Telework Consortium and the Department of Energy.

  • Eligibility Gizmo

    Are You Green for Telework? - Mobile Work Exchange Introduces Online "Telework Eligibility Gizmo"

    Seventy-nine percent of employees would telework, if they could. The question is, are you eligible? The Mobile Work Exchange Online Eligibility Gizmo can help you find out if you and your position are compatible for telework.

    Take three minutes to take the eligibility quiz and find out your eligibility rating. Present the results to your manager along with the value calculators to show your manager the cost of your commute and your eligibility rating - one business case package to make your request for telework.

    Based on your responses, the Online Eligibility Gizmo will determine if you and your position are a fit for telework.

  • Telework RoI Calculator

    Mobile Work Exchange's "Telework Return On Investment Calculator"

    Telework and mobility have many agency benefits as well as individual benefits – but how do you quantify the return? The Return on Investment (RoI) Calculator uses basic information about your agency to project RoI for the most commonly-identified telework and mobility value factors: transit subsidies, environmental, continuity of operations (COOP), productivity, employee retention, and real estate/utilities.

  • Secure Mobilometer Calculator

    Mobile Work Exchange's "Secure Mobilometer"

    The Secure Mobilometer is an assessment for individuals and organizations to better understand their mobile security habits and vulnerabilities. Find out your mobile security ranking by taking the individual or organization assessments today.

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